A Responsible Business

At Tri-Spheres, our definition of Corporate Responsibility is simple; we believe that every business, and every individual within those businesses, has a responsibility to make the future a better place.

Our relationship with clients and suppliers
Tri-Spheres is a client-focused business delivering high quality professional services and adding value to clients’ businesses by providing them with sustainable solutions.

  • Where client requirements appear contrary to environmental and social interests, we actively seek an alternative approach.
  • We will not participate in projects that may be environmentally or socially damaging.
  • Client and supplier feedback is actively encouraged and used to further improve the delivery of our services.
  • We procure goods and services from suppliers who share our principles and can demonstrate a sustainable approach to their own activities.
  • We work with all our suppliers to constantly improve our performance and reduce our carbon footprint. Where we identify unacceptable performance in the supply chain we will instigate urgent remedial action.

The natural environment
Tri-Spheres is committed to ensuring that the needs of the natural environment are fully taken into consideration across all of its activities, to help achieve “living within environmental limits”.

Our role in the community
Tri-Spheres is committed to an active role in the local communities within which it operates, contributing towards local sustainability. Whenever possible we will work to support our local communities by:

  • Using local suppliers with a low carbon footprint.
  • Encouraging staff involvement in local charitable organisations, voluntary sector groups and community projects.
  • Developing alliances with local businesses and communities that will be of mutual benefit.

Our people and their workplace
We recognise that staff are our most valuable asset and that their integrity, commitment and loyalty is vital to how we conduct our business, and to the long-term success of the company.

  • Tri-Spheres aims to be ‘an employer of choice’, attracting and retaining a talented, highly competent and motivated workforce.
  • Tri-Spheres’ staff are actively encouraged to develop skills, knowledge and competencies to help them realise their full potential, resulting in job satisfaction and loyalty to the business.
  • Tri-Spheres values, rewards, recognises and promotes people with fairness and equality.
  • Tri-Spheres provides a healthy, safe and secure working environment for all employees, visitors and others who may be affected by our working activities.
  • Tri-Spheres is committed to addressing possible areas of concern to employees and to continually improving performance as an employer.
  • Tri-Spheres employees conduct business in an honest, fair and professional manner.
  • Tri-Spheres will not be involved in any business initiative or project where there are suspicions of bribery, corruption, unlawful or anti-competitive practices.