About Us

Established in the year 2015, Tri-Spheres is unique within the environmental, safety, and professional services sectors. Our strong scientific and research skills provide us with a platform on which we are able to deliver quality solutions to our clients. Through our experienced specialist consultants, we deliver specific, strategic and policy advice, as well as applied and strategic results.

We are a flexible and dedicated team that is committed to quality and timely project delivery, and our workload is carefully managed to ensure that our capacity to deliver in accordance with agreed timeframes is not compromised. In addition to our in-house resources, we have a reciprocal agreement with environmental and safety firms, which serves to expand the capability and capacity of our team.


To provide our Customers always with a proactive, personalized, cost effective and profitable specialty solutions that are benchmarked and anchored on quality, value, innovation, safety and local capacity development.


To be the leading service provider in Environmental and Safety Solutions.


A simple value system of respect, and integrity combined with client focus, commitment and quality service delivery provides a secure platform for our business relationships.